Cultilene’s sustainable development policy conforms to the norms laid down in various recognised certification schemes. These are the certificates we’ve ben awarded: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and KIWA. Each of these focuses on specific environmental and quality issues (product quality and quality management system).

For many years, Cultilene’s environmental protection system has been certified according to ISO 14001. Having an environmental management system brings with it the obligation to go further than legislation calls for. At Cultilene, we’re constantly seeking to innovate and adapt our production process to the benefit of quality and environmental care. We’re also constantly developing new techniques and systems for emission reduction, waste separation and recycling and the reduction of water and energy consumption.

International certificates

ISO- 14001: Environmental management norm
This certificate shows that Cultilène’s production process meets international environmental standards. On the basis of the ISO norm we have developed an environmental management system with which we can analyse environmental impact throughout the company and keep track of whether we’re reaching our environmental targets and complying with legislation and regulations.

ISO 9001: quality management system
This certificate shows that Cultilène complies with the international norms for quality management, quality assurance and quality legislation and regulations. In general terms, the focus here is on quality for our clients and on customer satisfaction.

Kiwa Keurmerk: Product quality label
This quality label indicates that Cultilène’s products meet the requirements laid down by Kiwa, in consultation with the horticultural sector. These requirements cover physical, chemical and biological aspects of cultivation. On top of this, Kiwa applies a number of general requirements, such as:
- safety requirements
- transport requirements
- requirements regarding instructions for optimal use
- requirements regarding the organisation of quality monitoring