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Following our guidelines for sustainable development, Cultilène constantly monitors the recycling of raw material flows. We don’t just do this at our own plants, we also ensure the materials we’ve produced are recycled after they’ve been used.

The substrate waste leftover after cultivation by a grower consists of 4 key components:
- water;
- organic material;
- plastic foil;
- stone wool granulate.

The initial recycling process consists of separating these components. Then each one follows a different recycling path. The recycled stone wool granulate is converted into a raw material for the production of building bricks, among other things. It is also used as a soil improver in the potting soil industry and elsewhere. 

Good recycling vitally depends on local solutions that will help limit transport movements. Extra transport movements mean extra costs and extra pressure on the environment. This is why many international recycling studies are being conducted all the time. 

Ask your local Cultilene contact for solutions available in your region.