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Cultilène is familiar with cultivating gerbera daisies; the company offers specific substrate solutions for the container system common in this market. No matter what container content you work with, Cultilène can deliver the substrate that suits your cultivation method. You can choose for either loose minicubes with disc or the Gerbera container block. If you are cultivating gerberas on slabs, Cultilène can provide you with special gerbera slabs.

Important aspects when choosing a substrate for gerberas:

- rooting rate for quick root growth;
- root distribution for excellent water and nutrient intake;
- multi-year use with retention of key properties;
- degree of plant attachment in connection with simple harvesting;  
- control of water content and EC for generative or vegetative impulses.

Cultilène stone wool substrates stand out because of their firmness, good uniformity and capacity for quick water absorption.

Our solutions

Mini cubes with disc
Cultilène stone wool minicubes are an airy medium. The character of the stone wool fibres contributes to quick water absorption, and good and fast rooting. The optimal root system thus obtained means you will benefit from strong vegetative rooth growth. On top of that, the outstanding controllability of Cultilène substrates makes it simple to give a generative impulse to the plants for accelerated production. The dimensions of an individual mini cube are 10 x 10 x10 mm.

Gerbera container block
In addition to the well-known cultivation-technical characteristics of Cultilène stone wool, Cultilène?s Gerbera Container Blocks have several other advantages over individual substrates. For example, you can fill the container faster, simpler and more uniformly. Besides, the substrate retains its height and you can harvest more quickly and easily. All in all, gerbera container blocks are a reliable and cheaper stone wool alternative. They can be obtained in any common size.

Naturally, you can use stone wool slabs as well as container systems for cultivating gerberas.