Tailored solutions

At Cultilène, we’re always offering you the right cultivation product for your type of crop, your cultivation strategy and your equipment – whatever your specific needs may be. Because of our short communication lines and state-of-the-art production facilities, we can take customisation further than you might expect, providing tailored solutions for non-standard dimensions, the position of the plant holeswater chambers, customer-specific foil or non-standard packaging

Cultilène likes to respond flexibly to a diversity of questions and needs.
We encourage invite you to make use of this possibility

Practical examples

Many of our product innovations are the immediate result of questions from current and potential customers, including: 

- The Optiplus. Block-shaped for easy drainage of excess water.

-  The Donut Block. This block has a water chamber that ensures optimum water distribution throughout the block, while preventing water from reaching the plant’s base.

The 252-plug tray. A seed tray for higher plant density.

- Extra holes for the dripper. For simple, uniform placing of the drippers.