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Optimal controllability of the water buffer

 All Cultilène stone wool variations have in common that they can provide a large water buffer. Uniquely, they also easily release the water back to the plant. Unlike many other substrates that retain the water, every drop is continually available for the plant. During production, the scientifically determined water/air ratio is carefully sustained and continually monitored. At Cultilène, the controllability this involves is a top priority: we believe you should have complete control over the process. And the only way to ensure that is to provide you with a medium that reacts adequately and predictably to your actions.

Homogeneous substrate culture
In addition to process controllability, Cultilène also stands for stone wool homogeneity. This characteristic ensures unrestricted, even root growth under stable circumstances. Only in this way can you control the water and nutrient supply and work towards an optimal harvest. The narrower the margins between the measurement points, the more homogeneous the substrate. This homogeneity also applies to the even distribution of water and air throughout the entire slab. Cultilène’s scores well in this area as well.


Other factors to be taken in account

 Homogeneous root growth and the controllability of the slab also depend on a number of other factors:

- the profile of the substratum must be level and provided with a slope for drainage (otherwise wet and dry spots may appear in the slab);

- the drippers’ discharge must be uniform; it’s no use combining homogeneous slabs with drippers that are not homogeneous;

- obviously, differences in growth rate will also result in absorption differences.