A new online business card for Cultilene

Cultilene has a new online identity! Our website at www.cultilene.com has a brand new look: fresh, contemporary, user-friendly and just right for reflecting Cultilene’s personal approach. For you as a grower, the new website offers even more useful information that you can use to arrive at the right decisions and to take your cultivation processes to the next level.

Cultilene’s website hadn’t been updated for some years and was due for replacement. This was why we were working so hard on a new version in recent months. The new site reflects the current state of technology and Cultilene’s new corporate identity. It also features beautiful contemporary visual material. The website has been optimized for use on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

But its content is important too: the new website provides you with all the information about who we are, what we stand for, and, of course, our products. The site has a link to Cultilene’s Smart Root Zone Management App and the substrate calculator. And something else: it has additional and in-depth background information in the form of whitepapers. These tools which will help you take your cultivation processes to the next level.

In short: welcome to our new website!

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