Our mission

Cultilene is committed to sustainable food production. Our goal is to offer innovative solutions to achieve maximum food production of maximum quality with as little water and energy as possible. We do this by delivering an optimal substrate (system) and irrigation strategy. Supported by data-driven growing based on a wireless sensor platform to unlock the insights contained in Big Data.

Our promises

Cultilene thinks along with you: we are more than just a substrate supplier and feel responsible for your success. The core promises for which Cultilene stands:

  1. Knowledge: water management in the root zone – Framework
  2. Reliable: high-quality products, high delivery reliability, expert and committed personnel
  3. Partnership: partner in international horticulture
  4. Challenging the existing: looking for new solutions to the global food problem


Sustainable business practices are a common thread running throughout Cultilene’s operations: from raw materials to final products. We are sure that sustainability will give the greatest long-term benefits – for both our society and businesses!


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Cultilene is part of Saint-Gobain, a leading global supplier in the habitat and construction market, is represented in 70 countries and has more than 167,000 employees. The annual turnover is approximately 38 billion euro.

The company develops, produces and markets building-materials. It offers innovative solutions for the challenges of economic growth, energy saving and environmental protection. Innovation, sustainability and comfort are the three pillars of the Saint-Gobain strategy.

Cultilene is taking advantage of the specific expertise and technologies available from Saint-Gobain to continually improve our products.

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