AmberClean: a glass cleaner that is being used more and more!

To keep the maximum amount of light in your greenhouse, it’s important to clean the glass regularly. This is why Cultilene introduced AmberClean more than a year ago. AmberClean is a glass cleaner specifically made for greenhouses glazed with diffused or AR-coated Cultilene Albarino glass. The number of growers using AmberClean is increasing. Trials are also being done to see if it can be used in yet more ways.

It is well known in greenhouse production that one percent more light will increase the yield by one percent. So to maintain optimal light transmission it is critical to keep the greenhouse roof clean – even for greenhouses with diffused glass. After time, light transmission through the roof is reduced by a buildup of algae, moss, dust, condensation, carbon, etc. Despite this buildup greenhouse roofs are often not cleaned frequently enough or even not at all. ‘And growers who do clean their glass often do it with water, which isn’t all that effective’, says Ralf Derksen, Business Development at Cultilene. ‘Many cleaning agents will also damage the anti-reflective coating. That’s something nobody wants.’

Optimal performance for greenhouse horticulture

Cultilene can offer an alternative cleaner. Its AmberClean is a biodegradable cleaning agent specifically made for growers who have glazed their greenhouses with anti-reflective coated Albarino Glass. ‘Saint-Gobain, the parent company of Cultilene, has many years of experience in the cleaning and protecting solar panels, particularly in highly polluted industrial areas’, says Derksen. ‘Based on this knowledge, we developed a cleaning agent that performs optimally for greenhouse horticulture. The distribution agents contained in AmberClean convert solids into fine particles which makes them easier to remove from the glass while keeping the anti-reflective coating intact. AmberClean also protects glass from damage due to external factors. All this results in cleaner glass and optimal light transmission.’ And this also maintains crop yield. Two more advantages with AmberClean, which is available only from Cultilene, are that it is completely biodegradable and contains no volatile organic compounds.’


AmberClean is generating a great deal of interest and the number of growers using it is increasing. In addition to cleaning the outside surface of their glass, some tomato and pepper growers also had success with cleaning the insides of their greenhouse with AmberClean. ‘Their glass was definitely cleaner and they were getting an increase in light transmission’, says Derksen. ‘The results were so good that these growers decided to use AmberClean again to the inside of their greenhouses this year to get the most out of their AR-coated glass.

‘Besides, other trials are now being conducted with the use of AmberClean: it’s being applied while the crop is still in the greenhouse. ‘This could be especially interesting for growers who use their greenhouses year round. We hope to release the first test results at the end of this year.’

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