Challenging the existing

Innovation has a high priority at Cultilene; we work continuously on new and better products and solutions. Cultilene has its own applied research and innovation department which is dedicated to consulting with growers and propagators to find innovative solutions for horticulture: now and in the future.

Innovate together

Saint-Gobain, our parent company, is also a pioneer in innovation: it invests around 365 million euros every year in new developments, worked on by 3000 people. As a subsidiary, we have access to a wide range of solutions and technologies from other sectors which we then develop to apply to the needs of the horticultural industry. As a grower, you can use these to your advantage.

This is not all: at the moment there are several other interesting innovation projects. Cultilene works with different R & D organizations within Saint-Gobain. This gives Cultilene the opportunity to offer, in addition to substrate and sensors, other solutions in the future that will help international horticulture and take it to a higher level. Always with the aim to achieve maximum food production of maximum quality – with as little water and energy as possible.

Teamwork pays

To take significant steps forward, we are affiliated with various distinguished organisations in the horticultural industry. One of these is the ‘Club van 100’ (100 members Club) whose members have access to the extensive expertise available from the Greenhouse Horticulture Business Unit at Wageningen University Plant Research. This group of organisations  is committed to stimulating innovation in greenhouse horticulture.

Cultilene also takes part in the Smart Materials for Greenhouses Project which is being conducted as part of an innovation and applied research project known as High Tech to Feed the World. Its aim is to use smart and flexible materials in greenhouse roofs to make efficient use of natural sunlight. Achieving this involves both: 1) investigating the use or adaptation of existing materials developed for high-tech industry to benefit the needs of greenhouse horticulture and 2) developing new materials.

Behind the scenes, Saint-Gobain is also very busy working in cooperation with universities and other partners in taking measurement protocols to the next level. Within this framework, we initiated the revision of the NEN2675 and NEN2674.

Keep up to date