Get the most out of light with Cultilene

As a grower you need – depending on your crop and location – to get the maximum yield from the available light. Cultilene can help with this: under the name ‘Albarino’ we offer a wide range of high-quality glass, both diffused glass and extra clear glass. To further increase light transmission, Cultilene works with AR coatings. All our glass products have their own characteristics and applications. They have a high light transmission as standard, an exact size and a high quality edge finish. All Albarino glass is toughned.

If you go for diffused glass, we can work out with you, the ideal combination of light distribution (haze factor) and light transmission. Do you want extra clear glass without diffusion, to give maximum light in your greenhouse? We can help you make the right choice. This way you can be sure of the best result for your specific situation. After all, every crop  is different!



Albarino Ultra Low Haze

Albarino Ultra Low Haze glas has a haze-factor of 5%.

Albarino Low Haze

Albarino Low Haze glass has a haze factor of 20%.

Albarino Mid Haze

Albarino Mid Haze glass has a haze factor of 50%.

Albarino High Haze

Albarino High Haze glass has a haze factor of 80%.

Albarino Zero Crystal

Albarino Zero Crystal is clear float glass (90+).

Albarino Zero Crystal Plus

Albarino Zero Crystal Plus is extra clear float glass (91+).

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