Added value

Added value of Cultilene glass

If you opt for glass from Cultilene, you go for top-quality glass. We keep the production of our Albarino glass completely in our own hands; our factory in Mannheim, Germany, is fully equipped and dedicated to this. This guarantees you the best quality horticultural glass.

Guaranteed top quality

Saint-Gobain, Cultilene’s parent company, has years of experience in the production of glass. Our Albarino glass was initially developed for use with solar panels and was later optimized for applications in horticulture. Thanks to our extensive experience and the fact that we keep the production completely in our own hands, you are guaranteed a high quality end product. Our glass is toughned as standard and always has very precise dimensions and a high quality edge finish.

High performance coating

If required, we coat the glass with our special and extremely tough anti-reflective coating. With this coating the light transmission is further optimized. You can be assured of one of the highest light transmissions in the market, across the entire light spectrum.

Our AR coating is produced with the special SOL-Gel coating technique. This technique ensures a homogeneous coating that can withstand all types of weather conditions for decades.

Sustainable production process

Sustainable business is in our DNA, and forms a common thread in the business operations of Cultilene and parent company Saint-Gobain. Our Albarino glass is also produced with the environment in mind. This means, for example, that we keep CO2 emissions to a minimum, produce our AR coating in a completely environmentally friendly manner and carry out comprehensive sustainability tests on an annual basis.

Recycling materials is also important for us. The empty end caps, which are left behind after the fitting of the glass, we pick up from you. We provide a sustainable solution.

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