Cultilene feels a shared responsibility for your success. This is why our people share the expertise and experience available to them within Cultilene and its parent company, Saint-Gobain, with you as our customer. We are happy to use the expertise we have gained since the founding of Cultilene in 1979 to improve your results.

Our people

With their broad knowledge of the market and contacts in horticulture throughout the world, our specialists are valuable sparring partners for you as a business owner. They can help you with decisions such as what substrate design and system would be best for your individual situation. This will ensure that you get your crop off to the perfect start. We can also help you with your water management. We can for example have our specialists create horizontal profiles of the slab to give you a view of the root zone conditions.

Sharing knowledge with young talent

We do not only focus on sharing our knowledge with our customers, but also attach great importance to the fact that young, new talent is always coming along. Because of this Cultilene works closely with educational institutions at home and abroad. Consider, for example, students from the HAS University of Applied Sciences, Wageningen University and the Uniwersytet Wroclawski in Poland, who do research for Cultilene and use research that we have done before.


Collaborate with market parties

In addition to cooperation with colleges and universities, Cultilene also works with other major market companies in international horticulture. This is to further develop and spread our knowledge. We do this in different ways. For example, we organize ‘Advisor to advisor’ meetings in Central Europe where we share our knowledge with growers and distributors. We also organize webinars and our specialists give worldwide presentations on water management of the root zone.

Tools and white papers

To support our customers with their business, we also share our knowledge (for example about New Growing in relation to the water balance) via white papers. These provide extra background information and in-depth knowledge about a specific subject. Cultilene has also developed various tools to give you, as a grower, access to our expertise. All the information in our SRZM (Smart Root Zone Management) model, for example, is included in an app that can give you tips and advice for every growing phase. This app is available for both iPhone and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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