Cultilene is committed to long-term relationships with its customers. By using every year the same substrate, taking measurements during the crop and advising the customer in all growing stages, we can – together with our customer – take his crop to a higher level.

Together with our customers

Cultilene works closely with its customers. This also helps us develop new products, services and ideas that can push forward international horticulture. These cooperation’s have produced innovations such as the donut ring, CultiOne plug trays and black and white foil. But new technologies such as Exact Air (Gradient Technology) and RootmaXX (X-fiber) have also been developed in cooperation with our customers.

Partnership with other parties

Cultilene often cooperates with other horticultural suppliers. For example at events such as Synergy of Growth and the Berlin Party. The aim of these events is to bring growers together and exchange information. Cultilene sponsors the Berlin Party because we want to help to bringing together market parties. They can reinforce and inspire each other to further develop the global horticulture sector.

Also, Cultilene is closely involved in research at the Delphy Improvement Center in Bleiswijk. We are also a participant in the World Horti Center, where students, government, national and international growers, suppliers et cetera are brought together in one place. The exchange of knowledge and ideas is further helped by this.

Since 2016, Cultilene has become affiliated with HortiConnect, a public-private consortium. It’s most important goal is to encourage the export of Dutch technology, plant material (seed and propagating material) and expertise for the sustainable production of fruit, vegetables and ornamental crops in Mexico. This is being done by helping the Mexican horticulture sector develop sustainable production systems.

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