CARA MET sensoren voor het meten van WC, EC en temperatuur in steenwol substraatmatten

CARA MET sensor – kit

The CARA MET, a platform-independent sensor for horticulture, gives you a better picture of what is happening in the root zone of the plant, which until recently has been something of a ‘black box’. This sensor measures the water content (WC), salt content (EC) and temperature in stone wool substrate slabs.

Not 1 but 10 sensors per hectare

Instead of one sensor per hectare, which is what many growers currently use, we recommend using at least ten sensors per hectare. This is because multiple CARA sensors give a better picture of what is happening in the root zone at different points in the greenhouse. This allows you to monitor water content, EC and temperature more closely, make the right decisions on your irrigation and nutrient strategy and reduce risks.

Platform onafhankelijke CARA MET sensor

Platform-independent sensor

CARA MET sensors connect wireless to the base station, which is positioned as high up in the greenhouse as possible. The base station sends the raw data to the cloud application, from where the calibrated data is forwarded to your dashboard. CARA MET sensors are platform-independent and the data can be displayed on your climate computer. For more information and to find out about the options, please contact us.

CARA MET systeem overzicht

Cultilene dashboard in collaboration with

Sensor readings are visualized on a special dashboard, the Water Balance Module. This can be accessed via the login area of the Cultilene website or via Simple graphs give you real-time insights into your plants’ root zone. But unlocking your data opens up even more technical possibilities. Ask one of our specialists about the options.

CARA MET sensor dashboard

Plug and Play

Each CARA MET sensor set consists of ten sensors. The sensors are supplied complete with batteries and a 4G SIM card for wireless communication with the base station. Long cables are a thing of the past and installation takes no time at all. Plus there’s no need to hire a electrical installer.

CARA MET sensor plug and play

What our customers say: ‘Slab sensors provide certainty in decision-making’

The CARA MET sensor was launched on the market at the end of 2019. Since then, hundreds of CARA MET sensors have been installed and are delivering great results in greenhouses across the world. Read the article published in the trade journal In Greenhouses here.

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Advantages of the CARA MET sensor

  • Plug-and-Play; installation has never been so easy
  • Wireless, including 4G SIM card and batteries that last a season
  • Waterproof IP65 and easy to clean and disinfect
  • EC measurements in stone wool substrate slab in range of 1 to 12!
  • More than 1000 sensors possible per base station
  • The special 'pricker' ensures that the sensor is placed in the right position in the slab
  • The accented orange colour makes the sensor easier to find in the greenhouse


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CARA MET sensor brochure

CARA MET brochure

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