Larger water buffer

MaXXima is a slab with which you can steer easily the plant balance for each of the different seasons; this slab has a large water buffer. This larger buffer makes this slab very suitable for use in warmer climates.

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Stone wool slabs

Below you will find an overview with our basic assortment slabs. Slab sizes which are not included in the overview belong to our customer specific assortment slabs. Just like short slabs, these also belong to the customer specific assortment and are possible to order in accordance with Customer Service. Our assortment of basic slabs is a combination of the following length, width and height measurements.

REQ = on request possible. If you would like to have more information about the availability of the different stone wool slabs in your country, please contact our Customer Service.

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Big Five

Water amount


  • A higher density, firm, multi-annual slab
  • Large water content range good for steering the plant balance between seasons
  • Ideal for growers look for a larger water buffer during the summer or in hotter climates
  • Very good on an uneven surface
  • Vegetative steering

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