Potted Soil Moisture sensor (EC5)

The wireless soil moisture sensor is built to monitor volumetric water content (VWC) for an accurate measurement of all soils and soilless medias with a wide range of salinities. Using real-time data from soil sensors, farmers can adjust and tailor a granular approach to irrigation and nutrient delivery. Custom alerts can provide insights on which crops are in need of irrigation, and which are in need of drainage to prevent the damaging effects of overwatering including standing water compromising root development, overaccumulation of salts, root rot, fungus and mildew.


  • Measurement Time10 ms (milliseconds)
  • Output10 to 40% of excitation voltage (250 to 1,000 mV at 2,500 mV excitation)
  • Operating Environment-40 to 50C
  • Range of Measurement0 to 100%

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