More roots at the top

More roots in the cube, and especially at the top. That is one of the most important and unique characteristics of RootmaXX. Also, this cube has exceptionally good rooting in the cube with minimal vertical variation in WC, EC and pH.

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Stone wool cubes

We publish an overview with our standard (recommended) cubes and basic assortment. Dimensions or specifications which are not included in this overview belong to our customer specific assortment. Contact our Customer Service for the different possibilities of our customer specific assortment.

If you would like to have more information about the availability of the different stone wool cubes in your country, please contact our Customer Service.

Here you will find the standard cubes per crop including plantholes, water chambers and grooves.

Crop: Tomato

Crop: Cucumber

Crop: Peper

Basic cubes

Our basic assortment is a combination of the following length, width and height measurements. Contact our Customer Service for more information.

REQ = on request possible

Floriculture cubes


The following plantholes, water chambers and grooves are applicable on cubes with size 100 x 100 (P4 not possible), 150 x 100 and 200 x 100 mm. The plantholes or water chambers are placed, 10 mm plus the radius of the hole, from the edge of the cube. More product information can be found in the Product Material Data Sheet (PMDS).

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Big Five

Water amount


  • At least 5% more roots per plant and more in the top of the cube
  • 20% less visible roots at the bottom of the cube
  • Less root damage due to fewer roots under the cube
  • This minimizes the entry points for root pathogens
  • Good root penetration from the plug into the cube
  • Vertical deviation in water content, EC and pH minimal
  • Easy steering during the pre-planting phase

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