When you buy substrate or glass from Cultilene, you can be certain of consistent and uncompromising quality. Saint-Gobain has national and international certifications including the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. These certifications apply to both the factories that supply the Albarino glass and the factories that produce substrate. The horticultural substrates supplied by Cultilene also carry the RHP quality mark which means that they meet a wide range of requirements regarding quality and origin.

The basis for optimum cultivation results

Our stone wool substrates are carefully manufactured and thoroughly inspected to meet exact specifications. Because we monitor and record hundreds of parameters during the production process, we can quickly take any corrective measures. And since the raw materials are heated to a temperature of 1500 degrees Centigrade, our substrate products are guaranteed to be free of any pathogens. The result? Optimum quality and homogeneity for both good steady root growth and easy crop control. This is how we create the basis for optimum growing results at your company.

Expert in logistics

The worldwide distribution of our products, especially with the seasonal peaks, gives us major logistical challenges. Everything must be perfectly coordinated to ensure that the crops on our customers’ nurseries can run smoothly. Cultilene logistics are set up so that fast and flexible delivery of our products is guaranteed.

When distributing our Albarino glass, we work with our own Glassolutions network, which has hundreds of branches worldwide. This means that we can always offer a tailor-made logistics solution. Our glass distributors have thorough professional knowledge and years of experience: they know exactly how to transport and unload the Albarino glass in the best way.


Cultilene believes that good service is just as important as a good product. This is why we leave nothing to chance. We go a long way to make sure that your order meets your requirements and specifications. And we don’t stop there. Even after delivery, our specialists keep an eye on your progress by assisting you during growing, by taking measurements, and consulting with you about making possible adjustments.

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