Substrate solutions

Every grower and propagator is looking for different things from his substrates. Factors such as root distribution, generative/vegetative growth, absorption capacity, water buffer, and control range have to be considered. This is why Cultilene offers a wide range of substrate products. In this way, we can always provide a substrate that suits your specific needs!

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CultiOne 252

  • Single use
  • Evenly spaced plug tray (star)

CultiOne S – 240

  • Evenly spaced plug tray (star)
  • Plug tray with partitions (choice of round or star)
  • 240 pieces

CultiOne S – 252

  • Evenly spaced plug tray
  • Fully filled (choice of round or star)
  • Half filled (star)
  • 252 pieces


Dry comfort

  • Dry and comfortable growing
  • Perfect balance between water and oxygen
  • Optimal rooting through the cube
  • Vertically fibre structure


  • More roots at the top of the cube
  • No damage to the roots during handling
  • Minimal differences in WC, EC and pH
  • Higher production with the generative effect
  • X-fibre structure 


  • Rapid rooting from plug to cube
  • Easy to use
  • Vertical fibre structure


  • Quickly control to the target water content and EC
  • Generative pulse in the first stage of growing
  • Vertical fibre


Exact Air

  • More oxygen especially in the bottom of the slab
  • Roots through the whole slab
  • Less water roots
  • Gradient technology


  • Highest density, firm slab
  • Larger water retention
  • X-fibre structure


  • Firm slab
  • Good steering
  • Good on an uneven surface
  • X-fibre structure


  • Good water and EC distribution
  • Good steer ability
  • EC very controlable
  • X-fibre structure


  • Optimal control
  • Very good steerability
  • X-fibre structure

Exact Flora

  • Multi-year slab
  • High water retention
  • Horizontal fibre structure

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