Crop control and homogeneity: top priority

A healthy root environment is the basis for uniform, healthy plants that deliver consistently high levels of production. Your success is rooted in the substrate. A homogeneous substrate product is essential for regular, unimpeded root growth. There’s no better way to steer your crop with irrigation and fertilisation and work towards achieving a great harvest. That’s why we make optimal crop control and maximum homogeneity a top priority in our manufacturing and innovation processes.

Where impact begins

Homogeneous water content

A substrate with good dry-back qualities that enables you to steer the crop generatively in dark periods using little water, but that’s easy to resaturate. As a grower, that’s what you want and expect. And to ensure uniform rooting, optimal homogeneous moisture distribution is key.

Cultilene eliminates as many cultivation risks as possible. For example, we test each slab for leaks during the manufacturing process. That’s how we guarantee the quality that forms the basis for your crop.

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Big Five

With Next Generation Growing, Cultilene’s “Big Five” – moisture levels, EC, pH, oxygen and temperature – are more in balance. Now, together with our Plant Empowerment partners, we have introduced the next step: Next Generation Irrigation. This provides a stable balance between irrigation and evaporation that results in a good, healthy root environment and gives the plant exactly the amount of water and nutrients it needs.

Next Generation Irrigation ensures optimal conditions in the root zone and also saves water and nutrients. Enabling you to make substantial strides towards emission-free growing and sustainable production methods.

Smart Root Zone Management

At Cultilene we constantly strive for circular solutions for an optimal root climate. So your crop can exploit the full potential of the substrate and you can get the very best from your crop.

Our Smart Root Zone Management model helps you stay alert to the root environment and root activity. By taking frequent targeted measurements in the root system, you can steer the crop towards the optimal growth curve. We offer advice on everything from sowing the seed at the propagation stage to the final production stage in the greenhouse.

Our specialists are more than happy to share their knowledge with you. And with our Smart Root Zone Management app, you have that expertise at your fingertips on your phone.




Dry comfort

  • Dry and comfortable growing
  • Perfect balance between water and oxygen
  • Optimal rooting through the cube
  • Vertically fibre structure


  • More roots at the top of the cube
  • No damage to the roots during handling
  • Minimal differences in WC, EC and pH
  • Higher production with the generative effect
  • X-fibre structure 


  • Firm cube
  • Large water buffer
  • Vertical fibres


  • Rapid rooting from plug to cube
  • Easy to use
  • Vertical fibre structure


  • Quickly control to the target water content and EC
  • Generative pulse in the first stage of growing
  • Vertical fibre



Exact Air

  • More oxygen especially in the bottom of the slab
  • Roots through the whole slab
  • Less water roots
  • Gradient technology


  • Highest density, firm slab
  • Larger water retention
  • X-fibre structure


  • Firm slab
  • Good steering
  • Good on an uneven surface
  • X-fibre structure


  • Good water and EC distribution
  • Good steer ability
  • EC very controlable
  • X-fibre structure


  • Optimal control
  • Very good steerability
  • X-fibre structure

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