Grow stress-free

Good seed is precious. Cultilene’s substrate products offer each seed a stress-free environment in which to grow into a strong, healthy plant. With our plugs and cubes, you have a predictable and reliable medium that gives you 100% control during propagation, minimal losses and the convenience of uniform production. Maximum yields, minimum risk.
Where impact begins.

Reliable cubes

Cultilene propagation cubes are strong and stable with excellent (re)saturation.

What this means for you:

  • Good root penetration
  • Minimal damage to cubes and plants
  • Reliable basis for delivery guarantees
  • Virtually no growth differences in growing phase

Big Five

With Next Generation Growing, ” – moisture levels, EC, pH, oxygen and temperature – are more in balance. Now, together with our Plant Empowerment partners, we have introduced the next step: Next Generation Irrigation. This provides a stable balance between irrigation and evaporation that results in a good, healthy root environment and gives the plant exactly the amount of water and nutrients it needs.

Next Generation Irrigation ensures optimal conditions in the root zone and also saves water and nutrients. Enabling you to make substantial strides towards emission-free growing and sustainable production methods.





CultiOne 252

  • Single use
  • Evenly spaced plug tray (star)

CultiOne S – 240

  • Evenly spaced plug tray (star)
  • Plug tray with partitions (choice of round or star)
  • 240 pieces

CultiOne S – 252

  • Evenly spaced plug tray
  • Fully filled (choice of round or star)
  • Half filled (star)
  • 252 pieces



Dry comfort

  • Dry and comfortable growing
  • Perfect balance between water and oxygen
  • Optimal rooting through the cube
  • Vertically fibre structure


  • More roots at the top of the cube
  • No damage to the roots during handling
  • Minimal differences in WC, EC and pH
  • Higher production with the generative effect
  • X-fibre structure 


  • Firm cube
  • Large water buffer
  • Vertical fibres


  • Rapid rooting from plug to cube
  • Easy to use
  • Vertical fibre structure


  • Quickly control to the target water content and EC
  • Generative pulse in the first stage of growing
  • Vertical fibre

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