Committed to sustainability

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a common thread running through Cultilene’s business operations, from raw materials to end product. We are convinced that committing to sustainability delivers the most gains in the long run – both for society and for business. Our ultimate goal is to help provide the world’s population with sufficient healthy, safe food.

Sustainable medium

Cultilene’s substrate products use scarce water sparingly. Recirculation cuts water usage by up to 50%. Reusing nutrients reduces emissions of nitrates and phosphate. And the absence of soil diseases saves on the use of crop protection products.

Circular medium

Stone wool is a circular medium. Basalt, the raw material used to make stone wool, is produced naturally in large quantities every year. Stone wool is 100% recyclable. We work with Saint-Gobain to develop environmentally friendly processing and reuse methods. Recycled stone wool is given a new life as bricks, for example.

Innovative materials

Cultilene has unlimited access to new materials and research through Saint-Gobain, helping us meet the challenge of making greenhouse horticulture even more sustainable. We are at an advanced stage of research into new substrates, including wood and glass. These materials are made of circular raw materials and are easy to reuse, helping us make significant strides in circularity.

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