Sustainable business practices are a common thread running throughout Cultilene’s operations: from raw materials to final products. We are sure that sustainability will give the greatest long-term benefits – for both our society and businesses!

Efficiency in water and energy

Cultilene wants its products and solutions to help to improve the efficient use of water and energy in today’s horticulture. Choosing a substrate from Cultilene is a choice for efficiency in water and energy input.

We spend a lot of time on the recycling of raw materials: at our own factories and, after use, at growers’. The recycled stone wool can be used, for example, in the production of bricks.

International agreements

Saint-Gobain and therefore, Cultilene, is a pioneer in the field of sustainability and is a co-signatory of various international conventions. Since these agreements relate to issues confronting Dutch horticulture on a daily basis, our sector can really make a difference. Good examples are the international water convention in relationship to zero-emission cultivation and horticulture’s goal for energy-neutral production by 2020. Or what about the agreements made at the 21st Paris Climate Conference? Saint-Gobain was an official partner for this climate conference.

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