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Cultilene gedijt bij kennisverwerving en innovatie. Onze kennis delen we graag in ons team en met onze partners, zoals onze klanten. Dat doen we onder meer via whitepapers, bondige kennisoverzichten per thema.

Water balance of the plant

The advantages of multiple drainage slits

The added value of an optimal dose size

Maximum use of and control over the substrate

An effective, even irrigation is one of the most important factors for successful cultivation. The dose size plays a key role in this.

More drainage slits – gains in uniformity and controllability

Most growers choose one drainage slit per substrate slab. Practical research by Cultilene shows it pays to shift the direction in this respect; the choice for several drainage slits results...

Tips and tricks for a healthy start

Good cleaning and disinfection are crucial for an optimum start to the new growing season. Attention to detail can make all the difference. At crop change time, an ‘accident’ is...

Sweet pepper growing systems: Traditional and V systems compared

There is a choice for pepper growers between a traditional system and the V system. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these systems and why do growers opt for...

Make the right choice and use of your water buffer

The choice of the right amount of water buffer (or available water) and its use can influence: better plant balance, an efficient and healthy root system and better yield. There...

How to give the new growing season a perfect start?

The Cultilene Framework-system, part of Smart Root Zone Management, helps growers to get the best out of their Cultilene Substrates. With the Framework we look at each element of the...

Growers miss out on quality and revenues

Installing a good irrigation system seems simple, but many growers do not have their irrigation under control. There are often problems with the design of the drip irrigation system so...

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