Smart Root Zone Management

Cultilene Cares: we feel a shared responsibility for your growing results and we want to achieve this together with you. It was this commitment that led us to develop our Smart Root Zone Management model aimed at optimizing how your crop grows. In this, the focus is on the root zone and root activity: one of the most important indicators of plant growth. Taking frequent specific measurements in the root system provides a basis for guiding the crop to optimal growth.

Three pillars

The Smart Root Zone Management-model has three pillars:

Cultilene Framework

This is a detailed guide that turns a successful irrigation strategy from skill into technique. It gives you more control. By looking at each part of the substrate system you can define your objectives in  the root zone, and helped in achieving your target set-points, with day to day advice during the whole season. The Framework shows you how to get the best out of your Cultilene substrate.


This digital sensor platform shows you the important parameters at a glance; water content, EC, temperature, pH and oxygen. These are crucial parameters in the root environment. That way you know exactly what is going on in your substrate and you can make adjustments quickly and efficiently. The Smart Root Zone Management model gives you tools to measure the parameters in a correct and uniform way. Cultilene has developed special measurement protocols for this.

Our People

The Cultilene professionals can share their knowledge and experience with you, to take your crops and production to a higher level. Sparring, adjusting and optimizing together; that is what it is all about.

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