CARA MET sensoren voor het meten van WC, EC en temperatuur in steenwol substraatmatten

CARA MET sensors

Horticulture is becoming more and more of a precision science. Sensors help you make the right decisions by supplying crop-level data. Make the right choices based on real-time information that you can view on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Track the crop conditions and get insights into the root environment of your plants –something of a “black box” in the past. Sensors enable you to respond more quickly to critical situations. With our wireless CARA MET sensors for greenhouse horticulture, you can increase productivity, reduce risks and save valuable energy and water.

Cultilene developed the CARA MET sensor in collaboration with SOWNet technologies | SenseNL. This sensor technology was devised by former WUR researcher Dr Max Hilhorst.


CARA MET sensor – kit

The CARA MET sensor is a platform-independent sensor for the horticulture sector. It measures the water content, EC (salt content) and temperature in the substrate slab, enabling you to further optimise your irrigation and fertilisation strategy. The result: higher crop yields and optimal use of water and energy. This CARA MET sensor is specially designed to work in stone wool slabs. To visualise the CARA MET sensor data we use the dashboard of our Plant Empowerment partner

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