Bespoke substrate

Cultilene develops a wide range of circular substrate products. We offer a bespoke solution for every grower and every growing situation. Specific requirements for rooting patterns or generative/vegetative growth? Or uptake capacity, water buffer and steering range? We tailor your substrate precisely to all your needs.

We are constantly enhancing our knowledge. Not only in order to create an even better root climate but also to innovate in the circularity of our substrate products.

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CultiOne 252

  • Single use
  • Evenly spaced plug tray (star)

CultiOne S – 240

  • Evenly spaced plug tray (star)
  • Plug tray with partitions (choice of round or star)
  • 240 pieces

CultiOne S – 252

  • Evenly spaced plug tray
  • Fully filled (choice of round or star)
  • Half filled (star)
  • 252 pieces


Dry comfort

  • Dry and comfortable growing
  • Perfect balance between water and oxygen
  • Optimal rooting through the cube
  • Vertically fibre structure


  • More roots at the top of the cube
  • No damage to the roots during handling
  • Minimal differences in WC, EC and pH
  • Higher production with the generative effect
  • X-fibre structure 


  • Firm cube
  • Large water buffer
  • Vertical fibres


  • Rapid rooting from plug to cube
  • Easy to use
  • Vertical fibre structure


  • Quickly control to the target water content and EC
  • Generative pulse in the first stage of growing
  • Vertical fibre


Exact Air

  • More oxygen especially in the bottom of the slab
  • Roots through the whole slab
  • Less water roots
  • Gradient technology


  • Highest density, firm slab
  • Larger water retention
  • X-fibre structure


  • Firm slab
  • Good steering
  • Good on an uneven surface
  • X-fibre structure


  • Good water and EC distribution
  • Good steer ability
  • EC very controlable
  • X-fibre structure


  • Optimal control
  • Very good steerability
  • X-fibre structure

Exact Flora

  • Multi-year slab
  • High water retention
  • Horizontal fibre structure

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