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  • like to contribute to sustainable food production?
  • develop yourself and at the same time help with the development of innovative solutions that optimize water and energy consumption in horticulture?
  • like to help our company grow more and do you see in yourself the following five core values?

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Cultivate Customer Intimacy

Involvement with and understanding of customers is vital. For example, growers who work with our substrates are working every day to optimize and see how they can get the best out of our products. We believe it is important that our customers are supported by us with this and that at all levels the customer’s requirements are met by actively giving creative solutions when needed. Solution-based work and understanding are therefore important basic requirements.

Act as an entrepeneur

Your personal initiative and enthusiasm contribute to the success of Saint-Gobain Cultilene. By acting as an entrepreneur; setting ambitious targets, keeping track and taking opportunities when they happen, you can have a personal impact on the growth of our company. Being open to new ideas and being able to adapt to a rapidly changing environment and adapting to being outside of your comfort zone are important characteristics.


Over the next 40 years, more food must be produced than in the past 10,000 years. Cultilene is committed to sustainable food production by delivering innovative solutions that economize on available resources such as water and energy. Only then will we be able to supply people worldwide with food. The continuous improvement and innovation of our solutions, focusing on the future and anticipating changes in the market, among customers and technologies, is important to us. Looking beyond the normal, being curious and accepting that failure is part of entrepreneurship are important elements for innovation.

Be agile

At Saint-Gobain Cultilene we think it is important that change is encouraged and everyone actively participates. This requires awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses and of the people around you. It is also important to know what is going on inside and outside the company. International horticulture is a season-sensitive market where you regularly face new challenges. This requires agility of you as an employee, just like the desire to become even more dynamic, energetic, faster and more flexible.

Build an open and engaging culture

An environment where solidarity is central and where everyone feels comfortable and shares knowledge and experience to make progress is an important success factor for Saint-Gobain Cultilene. Accepting differences and taking sufficient time to listen, support and encourage are core qualities with which you ensure that you contribute to a climate of trust in which everyone comes into their own and in which a positive team spirit can arise.


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