Cultilene acquires a place in the World Horti Center

Cooperation, innovation and inspiration are essential to inspire new developments in horticulture to help to solve the global food issue. Because of this Cultilene has recently become a participant in the Demokwekerij Westland (Dutch demonstration nursery). This means we will have a place in the new World Horti Center.  

The world and especially the horticultural sector is facing some major challenges. ‘In the next 40 years, the people of the world will need more food than they needed in the last 10,000 years’, says Peter La Vos, Commercial and Marketing Director at Cultilene. ‘The decreasing availability of water means that we will have to use it more efficiently. And we’ll also have to reduce CO2 emissions’.

Cultilene is certain that Horticulture can help in these objectives. La Vos stresses however that joining forces will be essential to achieve this. ‘It is precisely by joining forces, inspiring and cooperating with each other on innovation that new ideas are developed and innovations can be viewed from various perspectives. It is this process that will produce the best solutions for these complex issues. What makes the World Horti Center unique is that all of the relevant parties – students, government agencies, growers and suppliers etc. are being brought together at a single location to exchange knowledge and stimulate ideas. This is why we are proud to be part of the Demokwekerij Westland.

A hot spot for horticulture

The Demokwekerij is one of the initiators of the Word Horti Center in the Netherlands at Honselersdijk that will open this autumn and where all of the activities of the Demokwekerij will be based. Cultilene will have a stand at this international hot spot for horticulture, where the private sector, educational institutions and government agencies will join forces in inspiring each other to create innovation. This stand will display both the substrate and glass products supplied by Cultilene. La Vos: ‘We’re looking forward to welcoming people here so that we can work together on innovation and advancing progress in Horticulture”.

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