Cultilene and Tomatoworld form a partnership

Cultilene has recently partnered with information and education centre, Tomatoworld in Westland. Cultilene shares its knowledge in substrates, Albarino horticultural glass and data driven services in order to move forward together.

The aim of Tomatoworld is to express the great value of the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector and to show how knowledge, innovation and technology in the sector can contribute to the world food challenge. This ambition fits seamlessly with ‘Challenging the Existing’, a core value of Cultilene. We are constantly looking for solutions to the challenges of the future and want to contribute to sustainable and future-proof food production.

Exhibition and demonstration greenhouse

A visit to Tomatoworld is the ultimate experience where all your senses are stimulated. You will become aware of the global challenges. These include climate change, freshwater scarcity, waste and food safety. It also shows solutions that the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector can offer and what citizens can do to meet the above challenges. Tomatoworld has a 5000m² demonstration greenhouse containing 80 different tomato varieties in which sustainable cultivation can be seen and learned. Every year Tomatoworld welcomes approximately 6000 visitors from home and abroad.

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