International roll-out of Plant Empowerment has just started!

During the Canadian Greenhouse Conference, in early October 2018, the launch of the book ‘Plant Empowerment’ took place. Plant Empowerment consists of a coherent set of physical and physiological principles that together describe the balances of the plant and the greenhouse. Saint-Gobain Cultilene wants to contribute to sustainable growing and supports the Plant Empowerment movement and recently joint the Plant Empowerment Community.

Keeping the plant in balance – in terms of water, energy and assimilates – is crucial to Plant Empowerment. The various balances are monitored using sensors and crop measurements and are combined with physical and plant physiological knowledge and insights. This produces a lot of data, which helps to control and improve the growing process, which is called ‘Data Driven Growing’. The book ‘Plant Empowerment’ brings together the existing experiences and knowledge about growing under glass in one integrated approach.

Cultilene endorses the Plant Empowerment principle along with Ludvig Svensson, Koppert Biological Systems, Hoogendoorn, LetsGrow and Hortilux.


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