New online course: Save energy in an integrated way

The Plant Empowerment principles have been proven to enable growers to cultivate crops in high-tech greenhouses more profitably and more sustainably, not least thanks to helping them to reduce their energy consumption. Due to the current situation on the energy market, a multidisciplinary team of Plant Empowerment implementation partners are holding a series of online training sessions to share the energy-saving knowledge they have gained during real-life projects. Join us for the new four-part online Plant Empowerment course “Tips and tricks for surviving the energy crisis”.

This online training course will start on Wednesday 19 October (16:00-17:30h CET), followed by a new session every two weeks until 30 November. Each session will focus on how an integrated approach can reduce energy consumption, while also contributing to healthier and more resilient crops. During this course, given by the Plant Empowerment specialists, we will focus on how to save energy when growing healthy and resilient crops in an integrated way. Register here for the full course. Sign up before October 18th to take advantage of the pre-sale period and secure your place for just €39 per session or €129 for all four sessions. After each session, participants will receive a recorded version to watch at their own convenience.

Reduce energy consumption while improving crop quality

The current record-breaking energy prices are having a major impact on high-tech horticulture. Many growers will need to make considerable energy savings in order for their business to survive the coming winter. This cost pressure is causing companies to look for creative solutions. Some growers have decided to leave their greenhouses empty this season, while others are reducing the amount of artificial lighting they provide to their crops, or leaving the lights off altogether.

The Plant Empowerment principles have been helping growers to take an integrated approach to cultivation for several years now. This data-driven growing method, which is focused on aligning all the crop balances, leads to higher yields and better quality while also ensuring that inputs such as water, nutrients and – especially important in the current times – energy are used more efficiently.

The success of this integrated approach has been demonstrated in various real-life projects worldwide by a multidisciplinary team of Plant Empowerment implementation partners. They have gained valuable insights into how screening and air movement can help to optimize the climate, for example, and how artificial lighting can contribute to a healthier root zone. In some cases, energy savings of up to 30% have been achieved.

About the program

The specialists will provide new insights relating to the benefits of the Plant Empowerment philosophy in the following online sessions:

  • How energy affects climate and plants (19 October)
  • How to reduce your energy inputs using screening and air movement (2 November)
  • How to get the most out of your artificial lighting (16 November)
  • How reduced energy inputs affect your irrigation strategy (30 November)

Sign up before October 18th to take advantage of the pre-sale period and secure your place for just €39 per session or €129 for all four sessions.

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