New online Plant Empowerment course: ‘The power of integrated solutions’

This May, Plant Empowerment is launching a new ten-part online course for growers from all over the world. Held once a month, each session will focus on the importance of integrated solutions.

Plant Empowerment’s new online course, called ‘The power of integrated solutions’, will address common issues faced by growers around the world on a daily basis, such as challenges relating to a homogeneous climate, cracked fruits or an active and healthy root system. The monthly sessions, each lasting approximately 60-90 minutes, will underline the importance of an integrated approach to overcome these challenges. They will also give growers valuable new knowledge and tools they can use in practice.

Plant Empowerment revolves around cultivating greenhouse crops sustainably by supporting the plant’s balances. The starting point is to stimulate and promote the natural vitality of the plant by creating optimal growth conditions, both above ground and in the root zone. This can only be achieved by taking an integrated approach to all aspects.

The online course will be given by the three authors of the reference work called Plant Empowerment, the basic principles in cooperation with the six Plant Empowerment Implementation Partners. Each session will be presented by two or three experts and there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. Additionally, the course participants will receive access to a private LinkedIn group where they can continue the discussion both with the experts and with one another in between sessions.

All sessions start at 16:00 h (CEST)

Join us!
The first session on 20 May (at 16:00 h CET) is open to everyone free of charge. Participation in each of the subsequent sessions costs €19 per session, or €99 for all nine sessions (a saving of €72). The package price of €99 also includes access to the private LinkedIn group. To register, go to:

The revenues for the online course are used for further development of the philosophy.

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