Participate one of the live Plant Empowerment workshops in Canada in May 2022

Plant Empowerment, in cooperation with the Dutch diplomatic network in Canada,  is organising two live workshops in Canada in May 2022. The first workshop will take place on Monday May 16 and Tuesday May 17 in British Columbia. The second workshop will be organised in Leamington and will take place on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 May 2022. Growers and other horticultural professionals are welcome to join the workshop, which is focused on sharing knowledge on the philosophy and share how to put this knowledge in practice.  A team of six Plant Empowerment specialists will address insights on various facets such as climate, plant balances, lighting, nutrition, plant health, pest management.

Plant Empowerment
The Plant Empowerment philosophy helps growers worldwide to grow more sustainably and achieve higher yields. It takes the natural behaviour and the growing power of plants as its starting point. The principles revolve around cultivating greenhouse crops sustainably by supporting each plant’s natural balances. This unique data-driven way of thinking facilitates higher yields and better crop quality for growers, while also supporting more efficient use of valuable resources such as water, energy and nutrients. As a result, the Plant Empowerment philosophy provides a roadmap to both profitable and environmentally friendly horticulture.

In December 2021 Plant Empowerment, its partners and the Dutch diplomatic network in Canada organized an online workshop for Canadian growers, investors and other horticulture professionals. A total of approximately 200 horticulture professionals participated. The positive feedback and demand for a live event was overwhelming. Therefore, the organisers decided to hold a two-day event in the two major horticultural regions in Canada.

Training content & set-up program
During the workshop the basic principles of Plant Empowerment are further explained. There will be combination of theoretical and practical sessions, alternately led by the Plant Empowerment partners and co-author (Peter van Weel) of the book on Plant Empowerment. New insights around the Plant Empowerment theory are shared in the areas of climate, plant balances, lighting, nutrition, plant health, pest management etc.

Practical examples will be discussed in detail, for example the approach of the BASF project, where the implementation team achieved 121 kg. Furthermore, growers from both Canada and North America who currently apply the Plant Empowerment principles explain their strategies and approaches in collaboration with the consultants of partners.

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