‘To achieve a top result, your foundation must be rock solid’

Ruud van Gils, Commercial Manager, Saint-Gobain Cultilene:

Whatever foundation we are talking about, it forms the basis of everything we build, manufacture or produce. And it’s no different for plants, which form the basis for the fruits you can harvest as a grower.

But what forms the basis for a good, strong plant? The substrate! Because the right substrate plays a key role in effective seed germination – the moment ‘where impact begins’. The substrate is a success factor in the process by which a small, fragile plant grows into a strong, resilient plant. Good control is crucial for ensuring the plant continues to grow sustainably. With the right strategy for managing the water and root environment, you will optimise your crop and achieve a top result.

In short: the substrate can make all the difference in your cultivation. So as a grower it’s important to choose a good substrate that suits your crop and your business situation. That way you’ll create a great basis – the best foundation for a successful return on your crop!

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